A new reptile species discovered in Kerala has been added to the world’s list of approximately twelve thousand species

Scientists have discovered a new reptile species in Kerala, enhancing the global catalogue of approximately 12,000 reptiles. This groundbreaking research was published in the Journal [...]

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Breaks New Ground with Comprehensive Amphibian and Reptile Survey

An ambitious, ground-breaking survey encompassing both amphibians and reptiles has just been successfully completed at the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. This pioneering endeavor was made possible through [...]

Herpetofaunal Survey of Trivandrum Division completed with recording of 67 amphibian and 81 reptile species

The survey of herpetofauna(amphibians and reptiles) has been completed in protected areas under Trivandrum Wildlife Division, including Neyyar, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuaries, and Agasthyavanam Biological Park. [...]

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