If you are passionate about conserving nature, its wealth and looking for an opportunity to contribute, join us.


Aranyakam Nature Foundation, with its vision to increase awareness and interest in wildlife research, regularly organizes educational sessions on various topics related to natural history and wildlife conservation. We also take up research projects to fill the knowledge gaps in order to strengthen the voice for wildlife conservation.


Once the clouds of the pandemic clear, our activities will resume in the offline mode.

As an Aranyakam member, you will be able to provide significant contributions to our educational activities, conservation research, and help us organize exhibitions and nature camps. Through our programs, you will also be able to support the indigenous population. The membership will be a networking opportunity as well as a chance to hone your leadership skills before you go back to the community. 


Come, join us!. Together, let us build a better world for our future generations.

Please note that the Board of Trustees will evaluate each membership application and will revert with the decision. It should also be noted that Aranyakam Nature Foundation is a Trust and associate members or student members will not have voting rights.

To apply for membership please send mail to: [email protected] 

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