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Herpetofauna encompasses amphibians (e.g., frogs and caecilians) and reptiles (e.g., snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodiles). Their presence in ecosystems is pivotal, and their diversity and distribution patterns offer profound insights. They are indispensable in maintaining ecological balance and can serve as tangible indicators of the environmental health of a region.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sandeep Das, and ably supported by Dr. Rajkumar and Nithin Divakar, comprehensive herpetofaunal surveys have been underway since 2015. Predominantly focusing on the sanctified confines of Kerala’s protected areas, this dedicated team endeavours to collate exhaustive datasets pertaining to the region’s herpetological inhabitants. Such meticulous efforts pave the way for informed conservation strategies, ensuring that the balance of our natural ecosystems remains undisturbed for future generations.

Recent Surveys

Mudumalai’s Hidden Gems: Over 80 Species of Reptiles and Amphibians Recorded in Udhagai Division Survey

There were 51 species of reptiles and 31 species of amphibians recorded in the Udhagai Division of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu. A recent assessment of the herpetofauna species in the Udhagai Division of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve revealed the existence of 82 herpetofauna species, including 51 species of reptiles and 31 species of amphibians. According to Tmt. C. Vidhya, IFS, Deputy Director of Udhagai Division, MTR. This survey was the first one exclusively organised for the herpetofauna species of the Udhagai Division of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. It was conducted based on the advice of Thiru D. Venkatesh, IFS, [...]

By |February 28, 2024|

Ranipuram Revealed: 45 Reptiles and 53 Amphibians are found during the survey

RAJAPURAM - The biodiversity of Ranipuram has been thrust into the limelight following a comprehensive survey that uncovered about 100 rare species of reptiles and amphibians. Orchestrated by a trifecta of organizations—the Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department, the Ranipuram Vanasamrakshana Samithy, and the Aranyakam Nature Foundation—this effort marks a monumental stride in understanding the unique herpetofauna of the region.The survey was led by herpetologist Dr. Sandeep Das and Kerala Forest Department's Snake rescue guideline master trainers KT Santhosh Panyal and Joju CT who combined their expertise to delve deep into the habitats of Ranipuram. Their endeavors weren't solitary; a [...]

By |September 23, 2023|

Researchers Illuminate the Ecological Wealth of South Wayanad

SOUTH WAYANAD — A pioneering amphibian and reptile census has just culminated in the South Wayanad Forest Division, revealing an astonishing array of biodiversity. The expedition spanned from September 1-5, meticulously covering 296 square kilometers across 17 specialized camps. Spearheaded by the Kerala Forest Department, the South Wayanad Forest Development Agency, and the Aranyakam Nature Foundation, it was augmented by the expertise of renowned institutions like the Kerala Forest Research Institute and Calicut University, supported by myriad volunteer organizations. The survey's inaugural ceremony on 1st September witnessed Mrs. Shajna A, South Wayanad's Divisional Forest Officer, along [...]

By |September 10, 2023|

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Breaks New Ground with Comprehensive Amphibian and Reptile Survey

An ambitious, ground-breaking survey encompassing both amphibians and reptiles has just been successfully completed at the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. This pioneering endeavor was made possible through the collaboration of a diverse team of over 100 researchers, students, naturalists, and forest guards. Unlike previous studies that exclusively targeted amphibians, this survey represents a first in the comprehensive assessment of both reptiles and amphibians within the reserve. This extensive survey took place from July 27th to July 30th and was a joint effort of 55 volunteers and an equal number of forest staff. The Kerala Forest [...]

By |August 2, 2023|

Herpetofaunal Survey of Trivandrum Division completed with recording of 67 amphibian and 81 reptile species

The survey of herpetofauna(amphibians and reptiles) has been completed in protected areas under Trivandrum Wildlife Division, including Neyyar, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuaries, and Agasthyavanam Biological Park. Though surveys have previously been conducted separately in each of these protected areas, this is the first time a team consisting of researchers, students, and naturalists is conducting a survey of amphibians and reptiles covering the whole area. The survey was conducted from September 20 to 24 and organized by Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department and Aranyakam Nature Foundation. Around 75 volunteers from research institutes, including St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda, Kerala Forest Research [...]

By |October 4, 2022|

Munnar Wildlife Division Herpetofaunal Survey 2022

Survey of herpetofauna (amphibians and reptiles) of six protected areas, including four national parks, Eravikulam, Mathikettan Shola, Anamundi Shola, Pampadum Shola and two wildlife sanctuaries, Chinnar and Kurinjimala of Munnar Wildlife Division has been completed. Even though surveys were conducted individually in each protected area, this is the first herpetofaunal survey covering all of the protected areas simultaneously. The survey was conducted from July 20 to 24 and organised by Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department and Aranyakam Nature Foundation. Around 95 volunteers from research institutes, including Kerala Forest Research Institute, University of Calicut, Kerala Veterinary University, [...]

By |July 30, 2022|
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