The Team


Dr. P. S. Easa

Dr. P. S. Easa has his Ph. D on elephant Ecology and behavior in the wild. Trained in wildlife management in Smithsonian Institutions in Washington DC, he has about 44 years of experience in wildlife research and management and was a faculty in wildlife in Kerala Forest Research Institute and has served as Senior Director-Conservation in a National Non-governmental Organisation. He has undertaken several research projects on diverse groups of animals and has attended several conservation program workshops in India and abroad. He has 44 Research Reports, 13 Consultancy Reports, 52 scientific papers, 7 books, 14 scientific articles in edited books, edited three books and written several popular articles to his credit. He has also given about two thousand popular lectures for the benefit of academic institutions and the general public and about 20 radio talks.

Dr. Easa has extensive experience in the wildlife areas in India and has traveled extensively in the elephant areas in the country and abroad as part of academic studies. He has been a member of various committees of MoEF&CC including the National Board for Wildlife, Steering Committee of Project Elephant and the Elephant Task Force.

Dr. Easa has served as a Member of State Board for Wildlife in Kerala and Chattisgarh and was involved in Wildlife Management Plan preparation in the West Singhbhum District of Jharkhand, a three-member committee appointed by Govt. of Jharkhand and also a Member of the Technical Committee of Govt. of Odisha for Reviewing the Forest and Wildlife Protection Measures.

He has served as a Member of the governing Body of Similipal Tiger Conservation Foundation of Odisha and Periyar Tiger Conservation Foundation.

He has been a consultant to National and International Organisations including the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Institute of India.

He has served as a Member of Training, Research and Academic Council (TRAC) of Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun and Research Monitoring Advisory Committee of Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore.

Dr. Easa has served several committees of the Kerala Forests and Wildlife, especially on human-wildlife conflict.

Currently, he is a Member of the National Board for Wildlife, State Expert Appraisal Committee of Kerala, Technical Committee of Zoological Park in Puthur, Thrissur and also the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre at Kottoor, Neyyar, Trivandrum.

He is a member of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group of IUCN Species Survival Commission, a Guest Faculty of Tamil Nadu Forest Academy, Coimbatore, and Member of the Management Effectiveness Evaluation Team of Protected Areas, a Committee of the MoEF&CC.


Ali Malappuram

Ali is a native of Malappuram and doing wildlife photography for the last 10 years, he has traveled extensively across all major parks and sanctuaries in India. He regularly organizes photography exhibitions at major centers in Kerala that showcases mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and forest landscapes. According to him, wildlife photography is his passion since childhood and his collection includes the rare wildlife from Silent valley, Eravikulam, Periyar, Nelliyampathy, Wayanad etc. He also organizes exhibitions and talks in various schools and colleges in Kerala to create awareness about wildlife conservation among the younger generations.

Ameer K.P.

Ameer is a Digital product designer working for a Corporate social responsibility solution provider.  He is a wildlife lover and conservationist who loves to track big cats and other mammals in their natural habitat. He is also interested photographing in birds and amphibians.

Dr. Aruvi P

Dr. Aruvi Poomali is a self-taught artist who is slowly discovering and documenting the natural world around her. When she is not uploading data on citizen science platforms, she works on natural history illustrations. She hopes to help the scientific study of wildlife and work towards its improvement by inspiring the younger generation. On a regular working day, however, you can find her teaching medical students.

Dhruvaraj S


Dhruvaraj is a software engineer with a passion for wildlife and nature conservation. He has completed a post-graduate degree in Machine Learning and Data Science and completed certificate courses in wildlife ecology, conservation and ornithology.

Dr. P. C. Rajeev

Dr. PC Rajeev is a medical professional having varied interests in travel, photography, and music. He is passionate about teaching methodologies and thrives to set high standards in learning procedures. Always keen to experiment, he changed his field of practice from general medicine to Emergency Medicine, when he felt that the best way to serve patients is at the time of an emergency. He is one of the persons instrumental in setting up an academic emergency medicine speciality in one of the leading medical college in Kerala at the time when this specialty had just started to evolve in some parts of our country. He is also a post-graduate teacher, Ph.D. guide, mentor, and instructor of various resuscitation and simulation courses. His love for nature had led to travel across various parts of the country and the camera had been his constant companion ever since then. He is a keen observer of nature and loves to contribute towards nature conservation and protection of wildlife

Roopesh Anjumana

Sandeep Das

Sandeep Das is a Ph.D. scholar at Kerala Forest Research Institute. He had been working on herpetofauna in the Western Ghats since 2010. His primary interests are amphibian taxonomy and biology. He had described around 15 species of amphibians and reptiles. He is also an EDGE Hero awardee of the Zoological Society of London working towards the conservation of Endangered Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis. Sandeep Das is also the state award winner of the Wildlife photography competition 2019 conducted by the Kerala Forest Department. He is also a trainer and committee member for the snake rescue and rehabilitation guidelines program by the Kerala Forest Department

Shamim S. N.

Shamim SN is a Nature Lover, Traveller, and wildlife photographer. He travels extensively to forest patches, national parks, etc for observing wildlife and is keen to contribute something towards the Conservation and protection of wildlife. Other than this he is a sales and Marketing Professional working with leading brands.

Sreenath S

Sreenath Sreedharan has more than 18 years of software development experience in architecture & development of heavy traffic, audience-facing websites, architect and designs scalable web applications, technical leadership, and mentoring.
Apart from his profession he is a wildlife photographer and a conservationist, traveled across various national parks and sanctuaries in India and abroad.

Sudheesh K