At Aranyakam Nature Foundation, the power of diversity is evident in our team. Comprising dedicated individuals, each bringing a wealth of unique experiences and expertise, we are united by our shared passion for nature. While our origins span from research to policy-making to education, our collective mission remains steadfast: to cultivate a world where nature thrives for future generations.

The synergy of our team radiates through our diverse endeavors, ranging from enlightening educational sessions to enthralling competitions centered around natural history and wildlife conservation. Our mission goes beyond disseminating knowledge; it’s about kindling a profound admiration for nature’s wonders.

Our Chairman, Dr. P S Easa, stands as an exemplar in wildlife biology and conservation, particularly concerning the Asian elephant. His affiliation with the Department of Wildlife has seen him contribute not only through extensive research but also in environmental education, policy-making, and key decision-making bodies. His edited illustrated series on the biodiversity of Kerala remains an epitome of his dedication.

Dr. Sandeep Das, an EDGE Fellow with the Zoological Society of London, has dedicated over a decade to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, especially the Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis in the Western Ghats. His enduring commitment is evident in his continued engagement with the herpetofauna of the Kerala Western Ghats.

Executive Members

Dr Sandeep Das

Dr Rajkumar P

Dr Manju C Nair

Dr K P Rajesh

Ameer K P

Dhruvaraj S

Sreenath S

Nithin Divakar

Dr Aruvi Poomali

Dr Resmi S

Dr P C Rajeev

Roopesh K K

Shamim S N

Prof Sudheesh

Abdul Riyas K

Abhilash M R

Dr Jomy Augustine

Dr Sujanapal P

Dr Vinu J George

Karthika Chandran

Ahammed Javad KA

Nidheesh Chenchery

Associate Members

Dr Ajay A

Dr.Arif P K

Fathima Sabeeha P P

Nihal Jabeen P