Flora The passion: Workshop on plant identification and conservation held for college students

A three-day workshop for botany students, “Plant identification and the road to conservation”, jointly organized by Aranyakam Nature Foundation and Peechi Wildlife Division was inaugurated by Dr. Syam Viswanath, Director, KFRI.The inaugural function was presided over by Dr. P S Easa, former [...]

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Flora, The Passion: Workshop – Plant identification and the road to conservation

For the general public, wildlife conservation is synonymous with the conservation of megafauna. The threatened floral species fighting for survival around us are barely spared a moment's thought. We believe that the first step towards broadening the scope of [...]

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Memecylon umbellatum

Scientific name: Memecylon umbellatum English name: Ironwood Malayalam name : കായാമ്പൂ / കാശാവ് Location of the plant: Chooral, Kannur Conservation status: Not evaluated Memecylon umbellatum commonly known as ironwood is a large evergreen shrub. It's commonly present in habitats like [...]

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Neuropeltis malabarica

 Text and Illustration: Drisya V. V.Scientific Name: Neuropeltis malabarica Ooststr.Family: ConvolvulaceaeMalayalam Name: PattilavalliLocation of the plant: MadayipparaEndemism: Endemic to southern western ghats (Kerala).Habit: Woody climberDescription: Large woody climbers; stem lenticellate; young branches brown tomentose, terete, later glabrous with warty tubercles. Leaves [...]

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Curcuma aromatica

 Scientific name: Curcuma aromaticaEnglish name: Wild turmeric Cochin turmericMalayalam name: KasturimanjalLocation: Vellarakkad ThrissurConservation status: Threatened as per IUCN Red ListHabit: Perennial herbHabitat: TerrestrialFeatures: Monocotyledonous with pseudostem., Rhizome underground aromatic with orange-yellow inside., Inflorescence spike with purple crown and yellowish-green bracts., Flower brownish [...]

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