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National Wildlife Week QUIZ series

India’s Spectacular Fauna and Flora

India isn’t just a country; it’s a celebration of nature. Accounting for about 7-8% of global biodiversity is no small feat. With this percentage, India showcases a vast array of flora and fauna. Our lands nurture over 45,000 species of plants. From the grasses of the Deccan plateau to the medicinal herbs of the northeast, each has a tale of evolution and survival. On the fauna front, the number exceeds 91,000. Whether it’s the swift-footed blackbucks of the plains or the mysterious nocturnal creatures of our dense forests, each creature adds a unique hue to the vibrant tapestry of Indian wildlife. And how can one overlook our avian wonders? With more than 1,200 species of birds gracing our skies, forests, and waters, India is a bird-watcher’s paradise.

Diverse Habitats, Unique Inhabitants

India boasts a rich tapestry of habitats, each nurtured by its climate and topography:

Himalayas: Home to the snow leopard, red panda, and Himalayan tahr. Amidst snow-capped peaks, one might catch a glimpse of the Himalayan marmot or pika.

Western Ghats: These evergreen woods hide the Nilgiri tahr, Malabar giant squirrel, and the Indian gaur. Elephants roam, and the elusive king cobra hides in the undergrowth.

Thar Desert: A lively ecosystem where the Great Indian Bustard, Indian wild ass, and blackbuck thrive. Predators like the Indian fox and wolf are ever-watchful.

Sundarbans: The delta where tigers swim. It’s also home to the Ganges dolphin and the fishing cat, with crocodiles basking on its shores.

Central India’s Forests: The deciduous heartland sheltering the Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, and gaur. Sloth bears wander, and chitals graze, all under the watchful eyes of birds like the Indian giant squirrel.

As we approach National Wildlife Week, let’s cherish, learn, and protect India’s diverse and spectacular natural legacy.

Understanding National Wildlife Week

When is it? Every year, from October 2nd to 8th, we celebrate National Wildlife Week, a tradition since 1952.

Why celebrate? It’s a time to reflect on India’s rich biodiversity, and more importantly, to emphasize our responsibility to protect it.

How is it observed? Across India, enthusiasts engage in various activities—be it watching wildlife documentaries, embarking on nature walks, or indulging in art like painting. Educational institutions and organizations also host discussions and workshops to spread awareness about our unique wildlife.

Join Our Quiz Fun!

During the Wildlife Week, Aranyakam Nature Foundation has something fun for you. Every day, we will give a new quiz on a topic. And, with the quiz, there will be a small story or article to help you learn.

Want to see how much you know about our animals and plants? Come, take the quiz, read the articles, and share with others!

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