Aranyakam Wildlife Week Day 6

A journey for feathered wonders

Dr. Jainy Kuriakose (Bird Photographer)

Photographs capture moments, tell stories and transport us through time and space. They are one of the most important storytelling mediums we have today. They play an even more important role in the field of wildlife conservation by bringing to us stories from the brink of extinction and more. They hold the power to make us sit up and listen and want to make a difference.

Dr. Jainy Kuriakose wields this power like a master. With a doctorate in Chemistry, it is our fortune that she took up bird watching a decade ago. Her pursuit of birds brings to us stories from across the world, from the grasslands of Maasai Mara to the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Each photograph of hers showcases the splendour of avian life. Her work is regularly published in scientific journals and magazines of repute.