Name: Rivina humilis
English name: Bloodberry
Malayalam name: Manithakkali
Location: Vettilappara, Areekode
Conservation status: G5
Habit: Perennial herb
Habitat: Forest margins, thickets, disturbed areas
Distinguishing features:
• Stem is grooved and glabrous
• Leaves are simple, alternate, entire with a wavy margin
• Leaf lamina supported by a long slender petiole.
• Base of the lamina is ovate and the apex is acuminate.
• Inflorescence is a raceme that may be axillary or
• Flowers small, white or greenish to rosy.
• 4 white stamens
• Fruits are glossy, bright red berries
• The fruit is reported to be edible
• The leaves are said to be used for cataracts and for
treating wounds

• A red dye is obtained from the fruits. It is used for
dyeing small articles or even as ink. The berries
containing pigment is known as rivianin or rivinianin

. The plant extract is a potent antimicrobial and
antibacterial source

Illustration by: Anupama KO