Flora: The Passion – Illustration competition

Flora: The Passion-Illustration competition

In these difficult times, as we are confined to the small spaces around our homes, allow nature to work its magic on you. Look around and discover the amazing diversity of plants in your compound and let them soothe you. You may find plants putting forth new leaves to trees with stories to tell from times before you were born. If you persevere, you might even observe the plant flowers and bear fruits. As you observe and learn, take this opportunity to dust off your creativity. Pick one of the wild plants including trees around you, observe and understand it and create an illustration with pencil/pen or paint.
Once you are done, send it to us along with a brief write-up. Selected ones will win exciting prizes.

What is a scientific illustration of plants?

It is an accurate pictorial depiction of plants and plant features for a scientific purpose, as opposed to flower painting, which has no further purpose than to be admired. The illustration needs careful observation of the plant and its features and portraying it on paper by drawing or painting with accuracy.


Explore your surroundings, choose a plant that you find interesting, make an illustration (Drawing/Painting) and upload it.

  • Focus should be given to the wild plants including trees.
  • Observe carefully and draw/paint the plant exhibiting its features.
  • Plant as such(whole plant) in its natural surroundings should be illustrated (Picture of the surroundings need not be included).
  • Additional drawings can be included in the same sheet to highlight significant features of the plant.
  • Illustration of plant parts(Branch/twig, inflorescence, flower, fruit etc) alone can be avoided.
  • Depictions of the dissected parts are not necessary.
  • The illustrations of ornamental/exotic/invasive/cultivated plants are not allowed.
  • The entries should have aesthetic appeal and scientific accuracy.

Submit your entries with a brief description covering the following details:

– Scientific name, English name, Malayalam name (if available)

– Location of the plant

– Conservation status

– General features including habitat, habit, important distinguishing features, etc.

– Explain the cultural/economical/medicinal/ecological significance of the plant (if present).


Win exciting prizes

Contest Rules and Guidelines

  • Anyone above 16 years and residing in the state of Kerala can participate in the competition.
  • No upper age limit
  • Only one entry per participant
  • The last date of submission is 26 May 2021

The winning and selected images will be displayed on the Aranyakam webpage and social media.

Submission guidelines

The files can be submitted in two ways,

1. Use the form by clicking on “submit your entries”, where the brief description of the plant needs to be entered in the text box and then the illustration needs to be uploaded as jpeg/png/pdf.

  • or- 

2. Send mail with the following details to communications@aranyakam.org

 Subject: Entry for the illustration competition



 Phone Number:

 Date of Birth:

 Postal Address:

 Attach the illustration(jpeg/png/pdf) and the brief description of the plant(pdf/rtf/doc)

Click on submit to submit your entries